Monday, March 30th

10:00-12:00Managment Committee Meeting
13:00-13:15Opening Ceremony
13:15-13:45Introduction to TD1403 Big-Sky-Earth (Dejan Vinkovic) pptx
13:45-15:15Review talks (Giuseppe Longo pdf and Gottfried Schwarz pptx)
15:15-15:45Coffee break
15:45-17:00 WG1 invited reviews:
Christian Muller “Preservation, reuse and distribution of observational data: the example of solar spectral irradiance data obtained in space” ppt
Petr ŠkodaAstronomical Virtual Observatory - Principles and Technology pdf
Blagoj Delipetrev“Review of technologies for developing geospatial applications with a focus on open source (FOSS4G) and their implementation in a cloud computing application for water resources” (also some future trends will be covered) pptx
17:00-17:45 WG2 invited reviews:
Darko Jevremovic LSST - introduction and nightly data products (Level 1) pdf
Emmanuel Gangler LSST - extraction of and access to Level 2 data products and challenges to machine learning pdf
20:00Dinner - Restaurant Dva Jelena Skadarlija

Tuesday, March 31st

Milcho Tsvetkov“The Wide-Filed Plate Database status and development in the context of COST action TD1403” pdf
Aleksandra Nina “The database obtained from measurements by Belgrade VLF receiver station and their application in the study of low ionosphere and detections different geo- and astrophysical phenomena” pptx
Andjelka KovacevicAn Example of Novelty Detection by Mining Large Asteroid Data pdf
Christian MullerLong Term Data Preservation within ESA ppt
Bojan PecnikHypersphere HS-5K Continuous surveillance system pdf
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
Boris Antic New EO-related higher education / life-long learning initiatives in the Balkans pptx
Ana Melina Vallenilla Integrating knowledge discovery with knowledge building pptx
Rafael de SouzaCOIN - Cosmostatics Initiative pdf
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:00 Summary - reports from working groups
WG's have a main floor for their meeting, discussions and planning - All others have an opportunity to listen to them or to splinter.