Wednesday, 07. 07. 2010.


Arrival and registration

11:00-11:30 Opening ceremony

M. Gaskell 

Active Galactic Nuclei: Progress and problems

12:30-13:00 Discussion
13:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00-18:00 Work on Mini-projects (MP1- MP5)


Thursday, 08. 07. 2010.

10:00- 10:30

M.S. Dimitrijević & D. Jevremović

Serbian Virtual Observatory, and other data bases (VAMDC, SDSS, etc.) and spectrosopical  research


M. Christova et al.

Revisiting the microfield formulation of Stark broadening using stochastic processes


Discussion about spectroscopical databases, application in spectroscopy of AGN and gravitational lenses




Work on Mini-projects (MP1- MP5)


Friday, 09. 07. 2010.


A.I. Shapovalova

Long term variability of 3C390.3: Light curves and the broad line shapes


J. León-Tavares

Relativistic plasma as the  source of variable optical continuum emission in broad-line radio galaxies


G. La Mura, P. Rafanelli

X-rays as a tool for disentangling nuclear activity from star formation processes


E. Guerras

Extragalactic dark matter haloes and QSO properties through microlensing


A. Zakharov

Exoplanet searches with micro and pixel lensing


Discussion about monitoring campaings and Broad Line Structure in Active Galactic Nuclei, Gravitational Lenses or work on MPs




Work on Mini-projects (MP1 -  MP5)


Saturday,  10. 07. 2010.



21-00 Conference Dinner


Sunday, 11. 07. 2010.


Sumarry of the workshop and discussion about next workshop

12:00 Departure to Belgrade



List of mini-projects


 MP1. Spectroscopy of gravitational lenses

(Moderator:  A. Zakharov)


MP1.1 - RXJ 0921, gravitational lensed or double QSO? (On the basis of spectroscopic observation with SAO 6m telescope discuss the spectra and try to finish a paper, letter to ApJ)

(Participants:  P. Jovanović, L.Č. Popović, E. Guerras, A. Zakharov, S. Simić)


MP1.2 Microlensing of radio lobes (to try to finish a paper about microlensing of radio-lobes, different frequencies)

(Participants: P. Jovanović, S. Simić, A.F. Zakharov, E. Guerras , L.Č. Popović)


MP1.3 Developement of a software for investigation of influence of gravitational lensing on an accretion disk (model developed in Belgrade) together with maps of gravitational microlensing (developed at IAC)

(Participants: P. Jovanović, L.Č. Popović, S. Simić, E. Guerras,  M. Stalevski)


MP1.4 Spectral monitoring of gravitational lenses (perspectives; discussion on observations, what is perspective?)

(Participants: P. Jovanović, L.Č. Popović, S. Simić, E. Guerras, M. Stalevski)


 MP2. Long term variability of AGN: spectroscopic observations

(Moderator:  A.I. Shapovalova)


MP2.1  Long term variability of 3C390.3 - line shapes

(Participants: A.I. Shapovalova, A. Kovačević, D. Ilić, L.Č. Popović, M. Gaskell)


MP2.2  The role of BLR geometry (and physics) in spectral variability of AGN

(as a part of project supported by AvH foundation, participants: L.Č. Popović, M. Gaskell, D. Ilić, J. Kovačević, A.I. Shapovalova)


MP 3. The physics and structure of the Broad Emission (Absorption) Line Region in Active Galactic Nuclei 

(Moderator: M. Gaskell)


MP3.1 The structure of BLR NGC 4151 (different models for BLR)

(Participants: A.I. Shapovalova, M. Gaskell, D. Ilić, E. Bon, L.Č. Popović)


MP3.2 Physical properties of BLR

(Participants: D. Ilić, G. La Mura, L.Č. Popović, A.I. Shapovalova)


MP3.3  Double peaked lines as indicator of the geometry of BLR

(Participants: J. León-Tavares, D. Ilić, L.Č. Popović, E. Bon)


MP.3.4 Problem of Fe II lines in AGN

(J. Kovačević, L.Č. Popović, M.S. Dimitrijević, M. Gaskell)


MP4. Stellar population in AGN

(Moderator: P. Rafanelli)

(Participants:  N. Gavrilović, P. Rafanelli, L.Č. Popović, E. Bon)


 MP5.  VAMDC & SerVO  and AGN research

(Moderator: D. Jevremović)


MP5.1 How  VAMDC & SerVO  could be used for AGN research (discussion on needed

data and their organization, presentation and archiving)

(Participants: D. Jevremović, M.S. Dimitrijević, A. Kovačević, N. Gavrilović)


MP5.2 Stark broadening data for  VAMDC & SerVO  and STARK-B (to work on a common


(Participants: M.S. Dimitrijević, Z. Simić, A. Kovačević, M. Christova, N. Ben Nessib)


MP5.3: Atomic and Molecular Data Needs for AGN Research 

(M.S. Dimitrijevic – moderator, all participants are invited to discuss)