Fit multiple spectra: explanation of template parameters and fitting procedure

To fit the multiple AGN spectra, zip them directly (do not put them in folder previously) and upload the zip file. The example of zipped file is given in fit multiple spectra Test section. The AGN spectra must be within 4000-5500 A range, continuum subtracted and two column ascii files (wavelength, flux). The flux must be normalized to be approximately 0 order of magnitude for Fe II lines.
All spectra will be fitted with the fixed initial parameters: T=10000 K, Doppler width=1500 km/s, shift=0 km/s and intensities for the Fe II line groups (F, S, G, P, I Zw 1) 4, 3, 3, 3, 1.

Output files

The output files are the same as in the case of one spectrum fit (see here), just organized in the different folders for each spectrum, and zipped all together in file.

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