VI Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes
in Astrophysics

Sremski Karlovci, Serbia, 11-15 June 2007

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[pdf] Barklem, P.
The Broadening of Spectral Lines by Collisions with Neutral Hydrogen Atoms in Cool Stars
[pdf] Zmerli, B., Ben Nessib, N. and Dimitrijevic, M.
Experimental and theoretical determination of temperature in plasmas
[pdf] Chartas, G.
X-ray Absorption Line Diagnostics of Quasar Outflows
[pdf] Christova, M., Christov, L. and Dimitrijevic, M.S.
On the broadenings of spectral lines emitted in surface wave discharges
[pdf] Danezis, E., Antoniou, A., Lyratzi, E., Popovic, L.C., Dimitrijevic, M.S.
The DACs and SACs effects from stars to Quasars. Some first general notices
[pdf] Danziger, J., Selvelli, P., Bonifacio, P.
Bowen Fluorescence 

The Symbiotic Novae - RR Telescopii

[pdf] Ivezic, Z.
SDSS Spectroscopic Surveys
[pdf] Klyucharev, A.N., Bezuglov, N.N., Matveev, A.A., Mihajlov, A.A., Ignjatovic, Lj.M., Dimitrijevic, M.S.
Chemi-ionization processes. Alkali-metal geocosmical plasmas
[pdf] Kollatschny, W.
Line Profile Variability in AGNs
[pdf] Moiseev, A., Smirnova, A. and Afanasiev, V.
The jet-clouds interaction in AGN: a panoramic spectroscopy view.
[pdf] Ninkovic, S.
Studies of Local Milky-Way Kinematics via Line-of-Sight Velocities
[pdf] Petrovic, Z.Lj., Stojanovic, V. and Nikitovic, Z.
Electron, ion and atom collisions leading to anomalous Doppler broadening in hydrogen and hydrogen rare gas mixtures
[pdf] Prugniel, Ph.
Stellar populations in active star-forming galaxies
[pdf] Puric, J., Scepanovic, M., Dojcinovic, I., Kuraica, M. and Obradovic, B.
Stark parameters regularities of multiply charged ions spectral lines originating from the same transition array
[pdf] Rafanelli, P., Ciroi, S., Di Mille, F., Cracco, V., Vaona, L., Afanasiev, V.L., Dodonov, S.N., Moiseev, A.A., Smirnova, A.A.
3D spectroscopy of nuclear and extranuclear regions of nearby AGN
[pdf] Sachkov, M., Ryabchikova, T.
Pulsation tomography of roAp atmospheres: Resolving the third dimension
[pdf] Sachkov, M.
World Space Observatory-UltraViolet

WSO-UV: International space mission for the nearest future

[pdf] Stefanovic, I.
Plasma analogue for astrophysical dust
[pdf] Tozzi, P.
Emission Lines in X-ray Spectra of Clusters of Galaxies


[pdf] Bon, E., Popovic, L.C., Gavrilovic, N.
The Broad Hα and Hβ emission line shapes in an AGN sample
[pdf] Babich, I.L., Boretskij, V.F., Veklich, A.N.
Shapes of spectral lines of nonuniform plasma of electric arc discharge between copper electrodes
[pdf] Chatzichristou, E., Danezis, E., Popovic, L.C., Lyratzi, E., Dimitrijevic, M.S.
Studying the Complex Absorption & Emission Lines in AGN Spectra
[pdf] Dimitrijevic, M.S., Ryabchikova, T., Simic, Z., Popovic, L.C., Dacic, M.
Stark broadening of Cr II spectral lines in stellar atmospheres
[pdf] Homeier, D., Allard, F., Allard, N., Johnas, C., Hauschildt, P.
Alkali Line Profiles in Degenerate Dwarfs
[pdf] Ilic, D.
Physical properties of the BLR of AGN

Boltzmann-Plot vs. CLOUDY

[pdf] Jovanovic, P. and Popovic, L.C.
The shape of the Fe Kα spectral line in the case of partly obscured accretion disk
[pdf] La Mura, G., Rafanelli, P., Ciroi, S., Popovic, L.C., Ilic, D.
Detailed Analysis of the  Balmer Lines in a Selected Sample of 90 Broad Line AGN
[pdf] Lyratzi, E., Danezis, E., Dimitrijevic, M.S., Popovic, L.C., Nikolaidis, D. and Antoniou, A.
The evolution of some physical parameters in the DACs/SACs regions in Be stellar atmospheres
[pdf] Milovanovic, N. and Dimitrijevic, M.S.
Cowan Code and Stark Broadening of Spectral Lines of S II, S III and S IV
[pdf] Mihajlov, A.A., Sakan, N.M., Sreckovic, V.A.
The modeling of the continuous emission spectrum of a dense non-ideal plasma in optical region
[pdf] Simic, S. and Popovic, L.C.
Spectral lines in the afterglow of Gamma Ray Bursts
[pdf] Smirnova, A., Moiseev, A.V., Afanasiev, V.L.
Mrk334: Is a connection between nucleus activity and merging of a companion?
[pdf] Vidojevic, S. and Ninkovic, S.
On the correlation between line-of-sight velocity and metallicity for nearby F, G, K stars


[pdf] Antoniou, A., Danezis, E., Lyratzi, E., Nikolaidis, D., Popovic, L.C. and Dimitrijevic, M.S.
A statistical study of physical parameters of the C IV density regions in 20 Oe stars
[pdf] Antoniou, A., Danezis, E., Lyratzi, E., Nikolaidis, D., Popovic, L.C. and Dimitrijevic, M.S.
Investigation of the post coronal density regions of Oe stars, through the N V UV resonance lines
[pdf] Antoniou, A., Danezis, E., Lyratzi, E., Nikolaidis, D., Popovic, L.C. and Dimitrijevic, M.S.
Long term variability of the coronal and post - coronal regions of the Oe star HD 149757 (z  Oph)
[pdf] Antoniou, A., Danezis, E., Lyratzi, E., Nikolaidis, D., Popovic, L.C. and Dimitrijevic, M.S.
The N IV regions in the spectra of 20 Oe stars
[pdf] Arbutina, B.
Radial Dependence of Extinction in Parent Galaxies of Supernovae
[pdf] Yubero, C., Dimitrijevic, M.S., Garcia, M.C., Calzada, M.D.
Determination of the gas temperatire of an argon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure using Van der Waals broadening
[pdf] Elabidi, H., Ben Nessib, N., Cornille, M., Dubau, J. and Sahal-Brechot, S.
Quantum-mechanical Calculations of Ne VII Spectral Line Widths
[pdf] Gavrilovic, N., Bon, E., Popovic, L.C., Prugniel, Ph.
Connection between central black hole and circumnuclear gas kinematics: The case of AGN with double-peaked lines
[pdf] Hamdi, R., Ben Nessib, N., Dimitrijevic, M.S. and Sahal-Brechot, S.
Atomic data and Stark broadening parameters in Si VI ion
[pdf] Mihajlov, A.A., Jevremovic, D., Hauschildt, P., Dimitrijevic, M.S., Ignjatovic, Lj. and Alard, F.
The Influence of Chemi-Ionization and Chemi-Recombination Processes on H Lines in M dwarf Atmospheres
[pdf] Kovacevic, A., Popovic, L.C., Shapovalova, A., Bochkarev, N., Burenkov, A., Chavushyan, V.
Time Lag Between the Optical Continuum and Line Variabilities of NGC 4151
[pdf] Kovacevic, J., Bachev, R., Popovic, L.C., Zamanov, R., Marziani, P.
Asymmetry of the CIV l 1549 A line in a sample of RQ and RL AGN
[pdf] Mahmoudi, W.F., Ben Nessib, N., Sahal-Brechot, S.
Calculation of the Multiplet Factor (ln1 lm2 lp3) in L-S coupling
[pdf] Mayo, R., Ortiz, M., Dimitrijevic, M.S., Simic, Z.
Experimental and theoretical Stark widths for Au II
[pdf] Vidojevic, S.
An Analysis of Local Milky-Way Kinematics based on Proper-Motion and Line-of-Sight-Velocity ARIHIP Data
[pdf] Ilic, D., Arbutina, B., Urosevic, D., Vukotic, B.
Optical Search for Supernova Remnants in M81 and  M82