By Milan S. Dimitrijević

With electronic publishing we started on Astronomical Observatory in 2006. The motives were two-folds. From one side, I wished that articles from books edited by me, and proceedings of conferences organized by me, are accessible through large international databases as it is NASA ADS (Atomic Data System). From the other side electronic publishing enable to save and to include in libraries, virtual libraries and database as Serbian Virtual Observatory and data which not enter in printed books as, a large number of photos in format, size and resolution convenient for quality printing and inclusion in other books and publications, videos and presentations of lecturers.

We started this work in 2006, without any previous experience, and Nenad Milovanović and myself we produced a CD containing Proceedings of IV Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes, Aranđelovac, Serbia, 10-15 October 2003, which were published in paper version in Publ. Astron. Obs. Belgrade, No. 76. Additionally, on CD were and photos from the conference, made by Miodrag Dačić. We selected best photos of participants and in the directory with this name all photos are with names of persons on it so that future researchers will have such data available. We made an official electronic edition with ISBN number and CIP of National Library.

After this first one, we started to publish in such form other conference proceedings in addition to paper edition, including different material like presentations of lecturers, videos, conference posters and so on. Also, if photos and pictures in paper version of Proceedings were published black and white or with low quality, on CD or DVD, in articles are high quality color photographs. From 2007, author works on preparation of electronic publications with Tatjana Milovanov who considerably improved visually disc covers and arrangements.

Electronic editions are distributed to libraries: ten copies to the National library, The Library of “Matica srpska”, The Library of Mathematical Faculty, The Library of Paris Observatory, NASA ADS, National Center for digitization and to other institutions.

The presented CDs and DVDs enabled to enlarge the influence of the results of these activities and to make them accessible worldwide.