Fe II (4000-5500 A) template in AGN spectra


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Upload the AGN spectrum within 4000-5500 Å range, with subtracted continuum. Make spectrum to be two column ascii file (wavelength, flux) of "plain/text" mime type, regardless of extension. Put initial parameters in the form. For approximate temperature, width and shift you may use the values given in the Test (down), but for intensities put the values which are approximately the same order of magnitude as the flux in your spectrum. Put 3000 iterations to obtain the best fit.


For testing the program use this spectrum file data_test.txt, and put parameters of fit to be, ie.: 10000, 1500, 0, 4, 3, 3, 3, 1 (with following order). Try application with 0 iterations, and then with 3000 iterations.

Fit one spectrum: explanation of template parameters and fitting procedure


The AGN spectra must be within 4000-5500 Å range, continuum subtracted and two column ascii files (wavelength, flux). Please, normalize the flux to be approximately 0 order of magnitude for optical Fe II lines (1-10 in arbitrary flux units).
Zip your spectra directly (up to 20 spectra), do not put them in folder previously. Upload the zip file.
The fitting procedure will take ~20 sec per spectrum. The results are the same files as in the case of one spectrum fit, just configured at the particular folders for each spectrum. All folders are zipped in one file (results.zip) which you get as the output.


For testing the program use the zip file: three_spectra_test.zip.

Fit multiple spectra: explanation of template parameters and fitting procedure

Note: If you have need for the fit of a large sample of spectra, please contact us. e-mail: Jelena Kovacevic


If you find this service useful, please cite the following papers:

1. Kovačević, J., Popović, L. Č. Dimitrijević, M. S., 2010: Analysis of Optical Fe II Emission in a Sample of Active Galactic Nucleus Spectra, ApJS..189...15K. (arXiv:1004.2212)

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