11th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics
Šabac, Serbia, August 21-25, 2017

Organized transport

There are few options.

Organized transport
Transportation will be available free of charge for participants as follows:
- 21st August: bus transfer from Astronomical Observatory (Address:Volgina 7, Belgrade) to Šabac at 13h, and from Airport to Šabac at 14h.
- 25th August: bus transfer from Šabac to Belgrade, after closing of the Conference.
Please have in mind these information when organizing your travel. As an alternative, the Hotel Sloboda (Šabac) offers taxi shuttles of 50eur per direction. If you prefer this option please contact the hotel directly, according to the instructions given at this link. Detailed instructions how to get from Airport to any location in Belgrade are given at this link.

By bus
Also you can use a regular bus connection, from the Belgrade bus station to Šabac, almost every hour from 05h up to 21h55m (see this website for timetable). In the online query choose Departures from or Arrival to Belgrade, the date, the state Serbia, and type in Šabac in an empty field (use serbian letter Š, otherwise it will not work). Detailed instructions how to get from Airport to any location in Belgrade are given below or at this website.

Taxi services
Optionally one can use different transport services (e.g. see option1 or option2). Additionally, there is possibility to rent a car at the Belgrade airport. There are plenty of rental services in the airport building. Please follow the link.

Getting to Belgrade from the airport "Nikola Tesla"
From the airport to the city center take the fast mini-bus A1 line (ticket price around 300 RSD), departing every 20 min in the rush-hour, that takes you to the Slavia square in the city center. Note that A1 stops at the train station, which is next to the the Belgrade bus station to Šabac. An unfavorable option is bus 72, because it takes a long time to travel from the airport to the center of Belgrade and its last stop Zeleni Venac is the busiest bus station in Belgrade.

Taxi from the airport should cost around 1800-2000 RSD (~15 to 20 EUR). Recently the airport offers a service to buy a taxi-voucher (there are 6 zones, depending on the area you want to reach) and use first available taxi outside for the fixed rate (1800 RSD is for the city-area). Check this possibility as soon as you exit the custom control. For more details check the airport website.

Public transportation in Belgrade
The one bus-ride ticket is 89 RSD (approx 0.75 EUR) and a "BUS Plus" pass can be bought at any news-stand (you can purchase the bust ticket with the driver for 150 RSD). Taxi in Belgrade is not expensive (e.g. from the airport to city center approx. 18 EUR, from the train station to city center 4-5 EUR).

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