5th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics

          (Vrsac, Serbia, June 06-10, 2005)



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The line strengths, their widths, and shapes, are powerful tools for emitting/absorbing gas diagnostics in different astrophysical objects (from the Solar system to the most distant objects in the Universe - quasars). The emission/absorption lines of astrophysical objects are produced over a wide range of distances from an observer and under a wide range of physical and kinematical conditions. Therefore in astrophysical objects the lines from X-ray (Fe K) to the radio (radio recombination line) have been observed. On the other hand, the experimental and theoretical investigations of laboratory plasma have been applied in spectroscopic astrophysical research, especially atomic data needed for line shape calculations. This conference will bring together astronomers (observers and theorists) and physicists to review the present stage of investigation in this field (Serbia and elsewhere), with the aim of improving our knowledge in this field, and to better understand the potential of emission/absorption lines for future astrophysical investigations.

The program will focus on:

- Spectral lines in laboratory plasma

- Stellar and interstellar spectral lines

- Spectral line phenomena in extragalactic objects

Format of the conference: We will have several invited lectures (30 min) and short talks (15 min). The astronomers and physicists from Serbia and elsewhere who recently defended MSc or PhD thesis in this field are especially encouraged to give a short talk. Other papers will be in a poster session (the panel size for the poster would be 1 x 1.2 m). It will be possible to present shortly the posters (5 min), so, we ask the participants with posters to prepare a convenient presentation. An overhead projector (viewgraphs) and a video projector (laptops) will be available for all presentations. The list of participants. The conference is going to be held in the conference room of Hotel "Srbija".


The conference program can be found here . The Book of abstracts that is going to be given to every participant when registering can be taken from this link - Book of abstracts


Registration. The registration form should be filled and sent before March 1, 2005 to following emails: dilic@matf.bg.ac.yulpopovic@aob.bg.ac.yu , lpopovic@aip.de , mdimitrijevic@aob.bg.ac.yu .


Proceedings. Proceedings of the conference will be published in the Memorie della Societa' Astronomica Italiana Supplementi (http://sait.oat.ts.astro.it/), the official scientific Journal of the Italian Astronomical Society (SAIt). It is probably the oldest journal dedicated to astrophysics. In fact, it was founded in 1872 by Pietro Tacchini in Palermo, as Memorie della SocietĂ  degli Spettroscopisti Italiani, almost one quarter of a century before the Astrophysical Journal. The journal is distributed to all members of the SAIt and to over one hundred subscribers abroad, including the main astronomical institutions.

Authors of accepted contributions should bring a hard copy and the electronic version of their papers to the conference (8 pages for an invited talk; 4 pages for a short talk and 2 pages for a poster), where they will be reviewed. The detailed instructions of how to prepare papers for the proceedings could be found here. The abstract (one page) should be sent until March 1, 2005. Participants will be informed if their contribution is accepted or not until April 20, 2005. The book of abstracts would be distributed to participants at the beginning of the conference. Abstracts have to be prepared using following macros.

Conference fee. The conference fee of 150 Euros should be paid before May 1, 2005, after that the conference fee will be 200 Euros (payment details). The conference fee covers the abstract book, the proceedings and a conference dinner.

Financial support. The LOC and SOC will try to find sources for financial support for a number of young participants (for registration fees and accommodation). The participants who are interested in financial support should send their resume to the LOC until February 1, 2005.

Transportation. For all the participants there will be organized transportation from Belgrade to Vrsac, on June 6th in the early morning and from Vrsac to Belgrade, on June 10th after the closing of the Conference. This transportation is free of charge for registered participants.

Other information: More information about Vrsac can be found at www.vrsac.com . The conference is organized by "Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade" (www.aob.bg.ac.yu) with the help of "The Society for Nature - GEA" (www.gea.org.yu) and the "IHIS holding for research in chemical power sources - Chemical power sources institute" (www.ihis.co.yu).

Scientific Organizing Committee:


Milan S. Dimitrijevic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade) - Co-chairman (mdimitrijevic@aob.bg.ac.yu)

Luka C. Popovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade) - Co-chairman (lpopovic@aob.bg.ac.yu , lpopovic@aip.de)

John Danziger (Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste, Italy)

Emanuel Danezis (University of Athens, Greece)

Darko Jevremovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, Serbia)

Evencio Mediavilla (Instituto de AstrofĂ­sica de Canarias, Spain)

Anatolij A. Mihajlov (Institute of Physics, Zemun, Serbia)

Vladimir Milosavljevic (Faculty of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia)

Jagos Puric (Faculty of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia)

Tanya Ryabchikova (Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

Myakzyum Kh. Salakhov (Kazan State University, Russia)

Aleksandar F. Zakharov (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia)

Local Organizing Committee


Milan S. Dimitrijevic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade) - Chairman  (mdimitrijevic@aob.bg.ac.yu)

Dragana Ilic (Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade) - Secretary (dilic@matf.bg.ac.yu)

Edi Bon (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Vesna Borka (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Miodrag Dacic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Predrag Jovanovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Dejan Maksimovic (GEA, Vrsac)

Tanja Milovanov (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Nenad Milovanovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Zoran Simic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)