VI Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics
Sremski Karlovci, Serbia June 11-15 2007

This conference is a part of the activities on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade


Getting to Belgrade from the airport "Surcin" 
We recommend to use the JAT airport bus (every hour) which goes directly to the Belgrade train station (the bus station is right next to it). The price of the bus is around 160 din (2 Euros).  Taxi from the airport should cost around 10 Euros, but please note that there are some taxi drivers that would like to charge you more than usual, so before getting into the taxi ask for the price. Due to this fact, we advise you to use the JAT airport bus. 

Public transportation in Belgrade
The cost for the ticket in the Belgrade public transportation is approx. 40 din (0.5 Euro) and can be purchased from the bus driver. Taxi in Belgrade is not expensive (e.g. from the airport to city center 10 Euros, from the Train station to city center 2-3 Euros).

Transportation to Sremski Karlovci

Organized transport
For all the participants there will be organized transportation from Belgrade to Sremski Karlovci, on June 10th at 16:00 from the Astronomical Observatory (Address: Volgina 7, Belgrade) and from Sremski Karlovci to Belgrade, on June 15th after the closing of the Conference. This transportation is free of charge for registered participants.

By bus
From the Belgrade bus station there is a bus to Sremski Karlovci almost every half an hour form early morning until 9pm (see this website for timetable Ticket price is around 5 euros.


Map of Sremski Karlovci


Visa requirements

Citizens of the most countries do not need a visa, but all information about visa regulations in our country could be found on the following web site


The exchange rate


The rate is usually the same in every exchange office and it is around 1 euro = 81 din  and 1 dollar = 63 din



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