9th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics
Banja Koviljaca, Serbia, May 13-17, 2013


Travel details

Transportation to Banja Koviljaca

Organized transport
For all participants there will be organized transportation from Belgrade to the Conference site on May 12th, and back to Belgrade on May 17th after the closing of the Conference. This transportation is free of charge for registered participants.

Since the majority of participants will be arriving on Sunday afternoon, the bus will probably leave from the airport at 17:00 (this will be confirmed in the Final announcment) . The bus will also pass by the Astronomical Observatory (AOB, Address: Volgina 7, MAP ) to pick up the participants arriving earlier (probably one hour before). For the travel back, the bus will leave Banja Koviljaca on Friday, May 17 at 14:00 .

Late arrivals
For those arriving late for the organized transportation, there is a bus from the Belgrade Central Bus station (see below). Also, we have obtained an offer from a transportation agency for a direct transportation from the airport (car for 3 persons, total 95 EUR, or mini-van for 8 persons for total 125 EUR). Please let us know if you are interested in this service, so we can make the arrangements with the agency.

By bus
From the Belgrade bus station there is a bus to Banja Koviljaca 7 times per day at: 7:00, 8:30, 9:30,12:30, 13:45, 15:30, 16:30 (see this website for timetable). Type in the empty field "Banja Koviljaca AS". The one-way ticket price is approx 890 RSD (8.5 EUR), and duration of travel is 2h 30 min.

If you arrive late for the direct bus to Banja Koviljaca, you could take the bus to Loznica, which is 6 km away from Banja Koviljaca (see this website for timetable, type in the empty field "Loznica AS"). There is a bus every 30-45 min, latest one at 21:15. Then, from the Bus station in Loznica you can take a taxi to Banja Koviljaca which should cost approx 350 RSD (3.5 EUR). The phone numbers of the taxi service are +381 (0) 63 8228-338 and +381 (0) 69 8871-626.

Getting to Belgrade from the airport "Nikola Tesla" 
From the airport to the city center take the public bus Line 72, which departs every 30 min. Ticket price is 120 RSD (should be bought on news-stand or with the driver). There is also the fast mini-bus A1 line (ticket price 300 RSD), departing every 20 min in the rush-hour, that takes you to the Slavia square in the city center.

Taxi from the airport should cost around 1800-2000 RSD (~18-20 EUR). Recently the airport offers a service to buy a taxi-voucher (there are 6 zones, depending on the area you want to reach) and use first available taxi outside for the fixed rate (1800 RSD is for the city-area). Check this possibility as soon as you exit the custom control. For more details check the airport website AIRPORT "NIKOLA TESLA" .

Public transportation in Belgrade
The one bus-ride ticket is 72 RSD (approx 0.7 EUR) and a "BUS Plus" pass can be bought at any news-stand (you can purchase the bust ticket with the driver for 120 RSD). Taxi in Belgrade is not expensive (e.g. from the airport to city center approx. 18 EUR, from the train station to city center 4-5 EUR).


Visa requirements

Citizens of the most countries do not need a visa, but all information about visa regulations in our country could be found on the following web site


The exchange rate


The rate is approximately the same in every exchange office. Check here for the exact rates on the current date.


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