12th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics
Vrdnik, Serbia, June 3-7, 2019

Preliminary list of invited speakers:

Victor L. Afanasiev and Elena Shablovinskaya
Active galactic nuclei in polarized light

Marco Berton
Line shapes in narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies: a tracer of physical properties?

Stefano Bianchi
The physics of ionized gas in AGN: testing predictions from first principles

Stefano Ciroi
Supersoft Be binaries in the Magellanic Clouds

Bozena Czerny
Modelling Broad Emission Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei

Gisella De Rosa
The AGN Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping program: studying emission line variability in the most extensive RM campaign ever performed

Serguei N. Dodonov and Aleksandra Grokhovskaya
Study environmental dependence of galaxy properties

Peter van Hoof
Current and future development of the photoionisation code cloudy

Andrei Klyucharev
Autoionisation widths of cold rydberg atomic complex

Mohammed Koubiti
Spectral line issue of hydrogen and impurity emitters in fusion plasmas

Herve Lamy
Polarisation of auroral emission lines on Earth: a review

Palle Moller
Abs- and em-line profiles of DLA selected galaxies: the signature of dark matter halo profiles

Gillian Peach
The resonance lines of sodium and potassium in Brown Dwarf Spectra

Luka Č. Popović
Spectral lines and supermassive black hole mass measurements

Joel Rosato
Modeling of hydrogen Balmer lines for the diagnostic of magnetic white dwarf atmospheres

Christian Parigger
Laboratory hydrogen laser-plasma and white-dwarf stars line shapes

Jian-Min Wang
Signatures of close binaries of supermassive black holes from reverberation

Alexander Zakhraov
Observational tests of general relativity and alternative theories of gravity with galactic center observations using current and future large observational facilities

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