5th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics

         (Vrsac, Serbia, June 06-10, 2005)



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Preparing the papers for Proceedings:

The articles must be prepared using LateX2e, using the document class mem.cls. You may download the macro together with example files as a single tar gzipped file . The articles will be typeset in a two column format except for articles containing long mathematical formulae. It will be the decision of the editorial staff whether a given article is typeset in one or two column format. The bibliography should be typeset using the package natbib.sty and the style aa.bst (details in the manual natnotes.pdf). Figures will be only accepted in postscript or encapsulated postscript. The LATEX2e source code must include the commands necessary for inclusion of the figures.

Please note that we are using the txfonts. The authors may use them in the preparation of their manuscript by simply putting the statement \usepackage{txfonts} in the preamble of their paper. Since txfonts are more compressed than computer modern fonts a longer text may be accommodated in the same number of pages.

The deadline for submitting papers for the Memorie della Societa' Astronomica Italiana Supplementi is very strict, so we kindly ask authors of accepted contributions  to bring the hard copy and electronic version of your papers to the conference (8 pages for an invited talk; 4 pages for a short talk and 2 pages for a poster).