5th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics

         (Vrsac, Serbia, June 06-10, 2005)



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 Program of the Conference:


Monday, 06. 06. 2005.

9:00-12:00      Transportation (from Belgrade to Vrsac by bus) and accommodation of participants.
12:00-12:30    Opening Ceremony

Chairman: M.S. Dimitrijevic

12:30-13:00    John Danziger: ”The role of line profiles in analyzing spectra of supernovae”
13:00-13:30    Zoran Petrovic: ” Anomalous Doppler broadening of hydrogen lines due to excitation by fast neutrals in low pressure Townsend discharges”

13:30-15:30 Lunch

Chairman: Z. Petrovic

15:30-16:00    Albert Ellingboe: ”Whistler wave -particle interaction in a temperate ionosphere-like plasma”
16:00-16:30    Nebil Ben Nessib: "Interaction Potentials for Spectral Line Shapes in Plasma"
16:30-16:45    Zoran Simic: ”Influence of impacts with charged particles on Cd I and F III spectral lines in stellar plasma
16:45-17:00    Walid Foued Mahmoudi: ”Semi-Classical and Modified Semi-Empirical Impact Stark Broadening Calculations of Singly-Ionized Carbon and Oxygen Spectral Lines”
17:00-17:15    Vladimir Milosavljevic: ”Measured Stark Shifts of Kr I Line Profiles in the 5s'-5p' and 5s'-5p' Transitions”
17:15-17:30    Darko Jevremovic: ”6 Li in the quiescent atmospheres of active cool stars

17:30-18:00 Coffee break

Chairwoman: D. Calzada-Canalejo

18:00-18:15    Magdalena Christova: ”Stark broadening of Ar I spectral lines emitted in surface-wave sustained discharges
18:15-18:30    Haykel Elabidi: ”Electron impact broadening of multicharged neon spectral lines
18:30-18:45    Bratislav M. Obradovic: ”The external magnetic field influence on the hydrogen Balmer profiles in electric discharges
18:45-19:00    Nenad Milovanovic: ”The Stark Broadening Effect in Hot Star Atmospheres: Tl II

19:00-20:30 Welcome cocktail


Tuesday, 07. 06. 2005.

Chairman: E. Barron

9:30-10:00      Peter Hauschildt: ”Model Atmospheres with PHOENIX
10:00-10:30    Gillian Peach: ”Line Shapes for the Spectra of Brown Dwarfs”
10:30-11:00    Emanuil Danezis: ”A new modeling approach for DACs and SACs regions in the atmospheres of hot emission stars

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

Chairman: A.F. Zakharov

11:30-12:00    Andrei Lobanov: ”Radio Spectroscopy of Active Galactic Nuclei
12:00-12:30    Stefano Ciroi: ”The Hidden Nature of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
12:30-12:45    Dragana Ilic: ”Kinematics of the BLR and NLR in AGN Mrk 817
12:45-13:00    Alexey Moiseev: ”Scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer in the extragalactic researches
13:00-13:15    Edi Bon: ”Kinematics and Variability of III Zw 2 broad line emission region
13:15-13:30    Srdjan Samurovic: ”Detection of Dark Matter in Early-type Galaxies with X-ray Halos using Absorption Spectral Lines

13:30-15:30 Lunch

Chairman: L. Wisotzki

15:30-16:00    Alexander F. Zakharov: ”Black Holes: Theory versus observations -Analysis of the Fe Kα Lines and Precise Astrometrical Observations
16:30-16:45   Predrag Jovanovic: ”Microlensing effect on Fe Kα line and X-ray continuum in the case of three gravitationally lensed quasars: MG J0414+0534, QSO 2237+0305 and H1413+117
16:45-17:00     Eleni Chatzichristou: ”Multi-Wavelength Surveys of Obscured AGN

17:00-17:30 Coffee break

Chairman: J. Puric

17:30-18:00    Lutz Wisotzki: ”Quasar Absorption Lines and the Intergalactic Medium
18:00-18:15    Marko Krco: ”HINSA as a tool for studying dark clouds and star formation

18:30-20:30 Poster presentation (5 min per poster)

Chairman: N. Ben Nessib

B. Zmerli:         ”Temperature dependence of non hydrogenic atom-lines Stark widths
C. Garia:          ”Gas temperature from line broadening in a neon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure
C. Yubero:       ”Computer-simulated Balmer alpha line profile for calculating the electron number density”
M. Dimitrijevic: ”On the influence of Stark broadening of Crı lines in the Cr-rich Ap star β CrB atmospheres
M. Christova:    ”Calculations of the collisional neutral line widths of several Ar I lines” ´
M. C. Garcia:  ”Voigt damping parameter of the spectral lines emitted by a plasma flame and a plasma column generated by microwave at atmospheric pressure”
M. C. Garcia:    ”Self-absorption effects in the equivalent width of the spectral lines in a neon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure”
R. Hamdi:         ”Electric dipole transition probabilities in Al IV and Al V ions
D. Korcakova:  ”Emergent line profiles from rapidly rotating stars”
F. Di Mille:        ”Spectrophotometric study of nearby Seyfert nuclei
A. Smirnova:     ”Studying of some Seyfert galaxies by the methods of panoramic spectroscopy”
A. Lalovic:        ”The reduction of eclipsing binary stars spectra observed at Rozen Observatory
N. Gavrilovic:    ”Investigation of rotational velocity of epsilon Persei
B. Arbutina:       ”A study of close binary system EE Cet
Z. Simic:            ”On the Stark broadening parameters for Cu III and Zn III lines in A type star atmospheres


Wednesday, 08.06.2005.

Chairman: M. Roth

10:00-10:30    J.Puric: ”Spectroscopic study of plasma flows created by a magnetoplasma compressor
10:30-11:00    Dolores Calzada-Canalejo: ”Spectroscopy of the discharges created and maintained by a surface-wave

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

Chairman: J. Danzinger

11:30-12:00    Martin Roth: ”3D spectroscopy of emission line spectra of Planetary Nebulae: diagnostic tools from the Milky Way to nearby galaxies and beyond”
12:00-12:30    Edward Baron: ”Overview of supernova modeling with Phoenix

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-19:30    Visiting orthodox and catholic churches in Vrsac, monastery Mesic, Vrsac’s Tower (at the top of Vrsac’s mountains)
20:30              Conference dinner.


Thursday, 09.06.2005

Chairwoman: G. Peach

11:30-12:00    Mikhail Sachkov: ”Pulsations in the Atmospheres of Ap stars” 
12:00-12:15    Olga Atanackovic-Vukmanovic: ”Solution of NLTE line transfer problem by use of a forth-and-back implicit Λ iteration”
12:15-12:30    Milan Zboril: ”Helium line shape analysis in B type stars”

12:30-15:30 Lunch

Chairman: P. Hauschild

15:30-16:00    Ljubinko Ignjatovic, Anatolij Mihajlov: ”Processes of atom-atom (n -n’) -mixing influence on hydrogen atom Rydberg states populations in stellar atmospheres
16:00-16:30    Evangelina Lyratzi: ”A new approach for the structure of Hα regions in 120 Be stars
16:30-16:45    Nikola Vitas: ”Heights of formation of Mn I spectral lines broadened by hyperfine structure
16:45-17:00    Derek Homeier: ”Molecular Line Widths at Stellar Atmosphere Conditions

17:00-17:30 Coffee break

Chairman: E. Danezis

17:30-18:00    Slobodan Ninkovic: ”Globular Clusters of the Milky Way: Their fate and chemical composition
18:00-18:15    Nenad Sakan: ”The application of the cut-off Coulomb potential for the calculation of a continuous spectra of dense hydrogen plasma

Chairmans: M. S. Dimitrijevic. Popovic, L.C

18:15-19:00    Discussion about conference, next SCSLSA, all participants are invited to take part.


Friday, 10. 06. 2005.

Excursion: Smederevo Fortress, monastery Manasia, Resava cave, waterfall Lisine Back to Belgrade around 21:00